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Importance of Exhaust System

Importance of Exhaust System

Since I was a child I used to wonder about whats the use of exhaust in bike as it just pollutes the environment & also it deteriorates the looks of bike & why it is made in this way can’t we design it in another shape or something other. But as & when I grew up & started biking myself I understood that one of the most important part of the bike is the exhaust. Without The Exhaust System which is always working hard to take care of the bike and prevent any harmful impact of the gases developed during combustion on the bike’s performance.

It not only helps to keep the bike engine clean but also helps in increasing the performance of it. This are some of the primary functions performed by it.

Removal of Toxic waste: As explained above when engine undergoes combustion a lot of toxic waste & poisonous gases are generated which degrades the performance of bike. So it is important to drive out these gases to ensure proper, smooth & effective working of the bike. Exhaust system serves as a passage or opening through which these waste gases are channeled out of the bike’s system. Choking and subsequent breakdown of the engine is prevented as these poisonous gases are expelled out of the engine by the exhaust system.

Noise Reduction: Gases generated during the internal combustion of fuel would have generated tremendous amount of noise if, they were let out to escape directly. Instead of directly releasing the gases out of the engine’s system, the exhaust system channel’s these gases out of the bike through muffler, plates and other equipment’s which aids in substantial reduction of noise. Mufflers absorb the sound energy from the passing gases while they are removed from the exhaust system.

Reduction in greenhouse gases: Environment unfriendly gases such as nitrides, oxides & monoxide which are being generated as a result of combustion. Catalytic converter within the exhaust system of the bike prevents the escape of these harmful gases into the environment. It transforms carbon monoxide into water vapor and less harmful carbon dioxide. Which aids in reduction of emission of greenhouse gases.

Improving fuel economy: As full country is obsessed with the fuel average. These Exhaust systems lead to an improvement of engine power. Increased engine power means that the engine requires lesser fuel to move the bike forward. Exhaust system help in improving fuel economy of the bike.

Improving performance of engine: The radius of the exhaust pipe controls the gas flow and velocity generated. Larger pipe radius leads to increase in the flow of gases which causes reduction in the velocity and torque of the bike. While smaller radius of pipe reduces fuel efficiency. So an exhaust with proper radius is very important as it helps in improving the performance of it.

Exhaust system of the bike plays a critical role in the proper functioning and performance of the bike. Take proper care of the exhaust system and reap rewards as the exhaust system improves your engine performance and fuel economy!


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