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Ducati XDiavel

Ducati XDiavel

100% Ducati, 100% cruiser. That’s how Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati introduced the new XDiavel at the press launch in San Diego last month. Long and low, with sleek and sexy lines, forward controls and a low seat height. This bike is something totally new for the Italian company known the world over for blending impeccable design and high performance. You could already tell by the numbers that this bike is pure Ducati.

Ducati XDiavel Overview

This muscular looking two wheeler with a 30 degree wide tracker style leaning handles with all black colour theme that encompasses, the wheels, rear view mirrors, body and the exhaust cover. This powerful premium bike runs on a 240/45-17 Pirelli Diablo II radial tyres that provide the bike with tremendous gripping power. Ducati XDiavel is built around a tubular steel trellis frame with redesigned headlight shroud, side intakes, exhaust pipes, and tail section and rear fender to give it a more robust look. Embracing several modern features, including the ability to switch through different level of intervention through the Ducati Power Launch, cornering ABS, DTC, variable riding modes, cruise control, hands-free communication, powerful LED lights a TFT Dashboard and electric locks. Other features of this bike include 50mm of USD fork for the front suspension and Single shock, adjustable for preload and rebound suspension for the rear wheel. The braking system consists of Dual 320mm discs, radial-mount Brembo four-piston Monobloc M50 callipers and radial master cylinder for the front wheel and for the rear wheel, it has single 265mm disc along with two-piston floating calliper.


Ducati XDiavel Expected Performance

A Ducati Testastretta DVT engine that features L-Twin powers this cruise model two wheeler from the stable of Ducati. The engine feature 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder. It has a dual spark mechanism and is liquid cooled and has a displacement capacity of 1262cc. With the incredible output of the Ducati L-twin, the 240 rear tire really puts the power to the ground. When caught ad a red light a little ways behind the group. This engine is attached to a six-speed gearbox. Moreover, it gives a power of 156hp@9500rpm and a torque of 95lbft@5000rpm.

Ducati XDiavel Versions

The XDiavel is available in two versions, the S and the standard XDiavel. The designers of the bike refer to the S as the true incarnation of their work, and when you see the two next to each other, it makes total sense. The contrast cut of gloss black and silver on the engine is replaced with matte black. The wheels don’t have the same custom feel and the swing arm that is anodized on the S is painted dark on the standard model.

Ducati XDiavel Expected Price

With a base on road price of just about ₹15 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs for different models, Bike lovers are loving the higher end version.

Ducati XDiavel First Look

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Have a Happy & Safe Riding.



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