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How to Choose your Windscreen

How to Choose your Windscreen

So you know windscreens are great, but now comes the hard part – how to choose the thing. There are a thousands of variations to choose from, and getting the right one for you can be intimidating. But overall, there are a few specific things you need to consider, and we'll go over them in this article.

In the world of windscreens, there are a few trade-offs you need to consider. They are:

Style vs. Protection

When making your decision, ask yourself: how important for you is protection? If you're putting heavy kilometres on, you probably want all the protection from the elements you can get, and want something tall and wide. But if you're a short or small distance rider on a sweet-looking ride, go for as little windscreens as you can stand to keep those lines clean. (Want both? No problem; just go for a windscreen with a quick-detach option, which will allow you to install it easily for long rides, but remove it for short rides, shows, or bike nights.)

Height: Short vs. Tall

The height of your windscreens is one of those things that needs to be "just perfect." If it's too tall, you may be forced to look through it to see; which is fine, until rain or dust blocks your vision. But if it's too short, not only will you not get the protection you want, but you may get a slipstream effect that sends air up over the lip of the screen and straight into your face!

The general thumb rule here for sports and touring bikes is to get a windscreens that tops out right at the level of your nose. This will allow you to see over the windscreens, and the slipstream effect will send air up over your head where you want it to go.

Fitted vs. Universal

Most popular bikes have windscreens models fitted specifically to them, which makes it easy to get the perfect fit. But if you have a modified or older bike, you may have to choose from "universal fit" models, which will require you to become more creative with the mounting solution you use.

A good way to determine what you need is to visit us, for a quick expert advice for people with your model of bike, and see what kind of solutions other riders are using to mount theirs. (When in doubt, you can always contact us, and we'll help you choose the right one for your bike.)

Permanently Fixed vs. Quick Detach Mount

While on the topic of discussion, another thing you'll have to consider is whether you want it permanently fixed, or with quick detach mounts, which will allow you to remove it easily according to the mood strikes you.

If you are used to riding with a windscreens and know you want it, you may prefer the durability of permanent mounts. But if you think you might want the option to attach it for a long-distance ride, but remove it for a rally or bike night, we recommend you go the quick-detach route.

Fixed vs. Adjustable

This is one of those things you won't realize you want until you start your biking mode on, and wish you could modify the position of your windscreens to redirect airflow. Some models allow you to adjust your windscreens to the perfect position, and choose between getting more airflow on a hot day, and less airflow when it's winter or rainy.

Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic

There are basically two materials motorcycle windscreens are made of: polycarbonate and acrylic. Both are clear, rigid, "plastic-like" materials, but they each have unique properties: polycarbonate tends to be more durable and abrasion resistant, but is also more expensive, and tends to yellow after long exposure to UV rays. Acrylic is less expensive and less prone to yellowing, but softer so it scratches more easily. (Keep in mind, however, that because acrylic is softer, it can also be polished out more easily as well.)

Style and Colour

This part is for all you – there are a LOT of options out there! Windscreens heights, widths, profiles, tints, and colours all vary a lot, which can be overwhelming, but also gives you a lot of room to be creative. Browse through our huge selection of windscreens to get some ideas, and remember to use our Fitment Tool to isolate only the models that you know will fit your bike 

Cleaning and Maintaining your Motorcycle Windscreens

A big warning to people who may want a windscreens, but don't like the look, is how scratched up and swirly they tend to get. However, keep in mind that this comes from improper maintenance, and as long as you take care of yours properly, it will look great for many years.

Most scratches on windscreens come from improper & rough washing. What many riders will do is scrub their windscreens with something rough, or with too much force. Never use force to remove something from your windscreens; instead, get it moist and loosened up first so it will be easy to wipe off gently. Warm water and soap works best, and a trick is to soak a towel in warm water, then lay it on the windscreens for several minutes to loosen up the dirt or something very sticky.

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Still confused about which windscreen will be best for you? Never fear, we're here to help! Just visit here, or rush to our certified store in Mumbai and if you have a photo of a windscreen you like, don't hesitate to email us and we'll help you find it!


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