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Importance of Rotors

Importance of Rotors

What’s the biggest difference between Economy, Standard, and Premium Rotors?

Answer to that question is

Obviously, the price is one difference, but there are also many differences in rotor design and cooling, the type of iron material, alloys used to cast the rotor, noise, wear & tear, and overall performance.

Everyone knows about the importance of Good brakes that they are essential for safe driving. One of the key components in a disc brake system is the rotor. When the brakes are applied, the calipers squeeze the pads against the rotor to create a friction and heat. This converts the kinetic energy of motion into thermal energy (heat), which the rotors absorb and ultimately slowing the vehicle or stopping it completely.

If the rotors are not up to the mark, and do not absorb and disintegrate heat efficiently, the distance it takes to stop the vehicle may increase. Poor rotor cooling also increases the risk of brake failure due to overheated brake pads, and can shorten the life of the pads. The hotter the pads run, the faster they wear & tear.

The quality of the metal from which a rotor is cast has a major impact on rotors overall life and performance of bike. The better the metallurgy in the rotor, the better it will perform on the bike. Economy rotors are typically made from the cheapest & waste scrap iron. Quality can be very inconsistent from batch to batch and even from one rotor to the other rotor. This can create hard spots that lead to distorting and pedal pounding problems later on as the rotors life. Rotors that are too soft may rupture quickly, while rotors that are too hard may increase pad wear or can be noisy. Poor-quality castings that lack the proper hardness and strength are also more likely to develop crack or break at high temperature.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to judge the quality of a rotor by its appearance alone. An economy rotor may appear to be nearly identical to a premium-quality rotor, but the metallurgy composition is often far different. There are many different grades of cast iron, and some make much better brake rotors than other alloys. The specific metallurgy affects its sound qualities, the hardness and wear-resistance of the rotor, and even its friction characteristics.

Some economy rotors also have thinner facings than standard or premium rotors to reduce weight and cost. The air gap between the two rotor faces is made wider to save several grams of cast iron in the casting. This reduces the rotors ability to absorb and disintegrate heat, which also increases the risk of brake failure under rough use, rotor distorting, cracking and rotor failure.

Another area where economy rotors cut corners is in the design of the cooling fins between the rotor faces. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineers go to great lengths to design specific fin patterns for particular bike. The number of fins and how they are oriented affects how well the rotor can disintegrate heat. An economy rotor may have fewer fins, or the fins may be unidirectional so fewer part numbers can fit a wider range of vehicles. But most premium rotors will follow the original equipment design and use the same number of fins and fin configuration to assure proper cooling & functioning of bike.

Replacing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rotor that has 35 cooling vanes with an economy rotor that has only 28 fins may not seem like a big deal, but a 25% reduction in cooling capacity could make a big difference with prolonged heavy braking.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rotors also have cooling vanes that are unidirectional, so the right and left rotors are different. Bidirectional rotors are designed to draw hot air away from the hub when rotating forward. Replacing bidirectional rotors with unidirectional, straight vane rotors may cause a significant reduction in the venting and cooling of the brakes and hub.

But in this India we all follow the word “JUGAAD” which helps us to save the few bucks for short time. But this affects the long run & shelf life of our bike which ultimately costs high as the life of our bike is reduced also the resale value of our bike is reduced to a great extent. So to avoid this please use standard or premium bike parts so that our dearest friend is always in a good condition.

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