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Today our experts are going to put lights on the exhaust systems. As we all know the importance of exhaust systems, which our experts have explained in the previous article. So now we are going to give you information about the yoshimura exhaust systems & how it is different from other exhaust systems which are available in the market.
There are two key reasons for swapping the exhaust on your sports bike: the first reason is performance and the second reason is sound. And while getting more power out of your bike is exhilarating, we’re equally impressed by the perfect note and loud growling noise of an exhaust! The exhaust on a stock or sport bike is designed to meet a combination of performance, noise, emissions and NVH requirements that make it far from optimal & superior for a hardcore Sports bike. We understand that, and these companies do their best to provide a basic exhaust that covers almost all the needs of a superbike. That’s where the yoshimura comes into play. With  yoshimura exhaust systems you can upgrade your bike to get the exact performance and sound you’re looking for and make sure that your bike isn’t mistaken for anyone else’s.

MATERIAL CHOICES available for yoshimura exhaust

now you need to decide which material is best for you want your exhaust system. There are several great choices in the market today, and they all have their strong points:
     1. Stainless Steel
   - steel is most commonly used in motorcycle exhausts. It’s easy to fabricate, durable and a great     

   - Least expensive

   - Heavier than titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber

   - Used as a material for the end-cap, muffler sleeve, mid-pipe and headers

Won't rust

   - Distinctive look

   - Offers a superior combination of light-weight and strength

   - Tend to be the most expensive

   - Can be used in the muffler sleeve, end cap, tubing and headers of an exhaust system

      3. Aluminum

    -Aluminum offers a great combination of affordable price and weight savings but won’t be as durable as          some          other materials.

    - Less expensive than carbon fiber and titanium

   - Usually used in the sleeve and end-cap

   - Most use stainless steel for the tubing and internal parts

      4. Carbon Fiber

     - Extremely lightweight and strong

      -Used for the sleeve and end-cap of some exhausts

     - Instantly recognizable appearance

      -Tendency to crack or break in a crash rather than dent

     - Internal construction composed of stainless steel or titanium

Upgrading from stock to a yoshimura exhaust is a great way to improve your bike on a budget. A slip-on can also be a more cost-effective way to repair a damaged stock exhaust.

Yoshimura offers a large variety of slip-on exhausts that give you a range of brands, materials and prices to choose from. Here are three of our most popular yoshimura exhausts give us a call and we can help you find the best one for your ride.

A full system exhaust offers some of the same benefits as a slip-on exhaust: better sound, better looks, but they offer significantly more weight savings and performance gains. For example, a Graves Titanium Low Mount Full System for the 2013 Yamaha R1 is 16.8 pounds lighter than the stock exhaust system.

A full system exhaust offers a larger performance increase over a slip-on. If your goal is a specific look and sound and you want noticeable performance gains? Upgrade your exhaust system today at Ultimate Auto Impex. A perfect friend for all your biking needs. For any queries Visit us today or leave us a message on

Have A Happy & Safe Riding.


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      Regi G Thahkkat
      Dec 18, 2016

      Like to know, Is there slip on underseat yoshimura exhaust is available for benelli tnt 600i.

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