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Intermot 2016

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As Diwali is coming near there is lot of surprises coming from the automobile industry. Among all this excitement & exhilaration for our favourite bike. The INTERMONT is finally back in Cologne. With hundreds & thousands of motorcycle fans & lovers gathering under one roof just to see one look of the most awaited bikes of the year.


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Today our experts are going to put lights on the exhaust systems. As we all know the importance of exhaust systems, which our experts have explained in the previous article. So now we are going to give you information about the yoshimura exhaust systems & how it is different from other exhaust systems which are available in the market. There are two key reasons for swapping the exhaust on your sports bike: the first reason is performance and the

Importance of Rotors

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What’s the biggest difference between Economy, Standard, and Premium Rotors? Answer to that question is Obviously, the price is one difference, but there are also many differences in rotor design and cooling, the type of iron material, alloys used to cast the rotor, noise, wear & tear, and overall performance. Everyone knows about the importance of Good brakes that they are essential for safe driving. One of the key components in a disc brake

Keep your Bike Intact in a crash

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These days The Ultimate spares Team is getting lot of request that what are the ways in which we can keep our bikes intact during an accident or in a mishap. So our experts had given some tips in which we can keep our bikes intact during an accident. As we all know crashing a bike is an expensive business. So expensive, that in fact, that you could probably “total” most new sport bikes simply by tipping them over in the garage. But, for a few buc

How to Choose your Windscreen

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When making your decision, ask yourself: how important for you is protection? If you're putting heavy kilometres on, you probably want all the protection from the elements you can get, and want something tall and wide. But if you're a short or small distance rider on a sweet-looking ride, go for as little windscreens as you can stand to keep those lines clean. (Want both? No problem; just go for a windscreen with a quick-detach option, which will

What is windscreen & how to install it?

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Once you start putting some serious riding on your bike, a windscreen is an accessory you won't want to do without. But with all the options available on the market, it may be a little overwhelming to find the right one. In this Ultimatespares blog, we have broken down everything you need to know to get the perfect windscreen for you! Okay, we get it...windscreens may not be the most important or badass-looking accessories on the planet. If you'

Rear Bike Fenders

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Every time I see a bike I used to wonder that what is the use of that delicate covering on wheels which always make me wonder that it will be falling very soon & what is the use of plastic covering as no one can sit on it & also why should I waste my money on such useless thing. But this was a myth my friends When I started riding bikes. I learned the importance of fenders & how they are helping in increasing life of a bike. As the rainy season

Ducati XDiavel

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100% Ducati, 100% cruiser. That’s how Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati introduced the new XDiavel at the press launch in San Diego last month. Long and low, with sleek and sexy lines, forward controls and a low seat height. This bike is something totally new for the Italian company known the world over for blending impeccable

Importance of Exhaust System

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Since I was a child I used to wonder about the is the use of exhaust in bike as it just pollutes the environment & also it deteriorates the looks of bike & why it is made in this way can’t we design it in another shape or something other. But as & when I grew up & started biking myself I understood that one of the most important part of the bike is the exhaust. Without The Exhaust System which is always working hard to take care of the bike and p

Nolan Helmets

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Nolan Helmets is one of the most awesome helmet manufacturer that originated in Italy. The Company was established in 1972 by Lander Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorcycle and car accessory sectors. During his years Nolan Helmets has proved to the best brands in terms of quality, safety, durability & endurance. Due to the presence of these qualities it has been used by many famous Motorcycle racers Marco Melandri & Casey Stoner trusted on Nola
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